When you were at school, you felt that you have to study to get good scores or you thought that studying becomes your obligation as a student. When you come into the business world, maybe you think that you don’t need to study anymore. Yes, there are no parents or teachers who will scold at you if you are lazy to learn. However, your employer must be expecting you to develop your self’s potentials. Through business English learning, you will be able to develop with English communication in business context. English Today exists to provide business English Bali.

English Today enables you to use English in business context. You will be able to speak English when you negotiate, give a presentation, attend or lead a meeting, talking through phone, etc.

The good news is we design materials specifically for you or your employees! So, don’t worry if our lessons do not give contributions to your career development and business. You don’t need to go to the English training centre. We come to your place.

Are you afraid to be bored with our English lessons?

You don’t stick on the textbooks. Instead, you will be asked to learn through a simulation, discussion, games, role plays and other interactive activities.


Who has ever studied English with English Today?

A number of employees, managers, and company executives have chosen us as their learning partner. We have cooperated with famous companies in Indonesia, such as  Pertamina, Garuda Indonesia, Djarum, Harris Hotel, Ismaya Group, Permata Bank, Hankook, Elevenia, and many more.

Before deciding to take business English program at English Today, a number of companies consult with us first to decide the best business English program so the focus of the leaning will be suitable with their English needs.

So, if you are still confused or uncertain to decide the business English program that you need, please consult with us. We are read to help you with the best program for you and your employees.

If you have any question about Business English Courses Bali, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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