Are you looking for English course for employees in Bali?
in this modern era, you don’t only compete with Indonesians but also with foreigners. Perhaps you don’t feel confident enough with the presence of foreigners in business competitions because they master English and you only know the basics of English that you have ever learnt at school. Of course, the English that you learnt at school is different from the one that you use in business world. Then, what is the solution? You need an English course and training for employees in Bali.

What do you get when joining Business English program?

Business English program will equip you with some abilities to improve conversation skills in the working environment in some particular situation, such as meeting, making an appointment, presentation, or telephoning.

English Today cares for your company and employees’ needs. English course and training for employees is trained by qualified trainers and have plenty of experiences teaching in many well-known companies in Indonesia. We have native trainers and local trainers with the qualifications that are equivalent to the native speakers.

Who have ever joined Business English program English Today?

We have trained many national ad international companies. Some of them are XL, Daikin, Hankook, Harris Hotel, and Traveloka.

Why do you have to choose English Today? What makes English Today different from other English trainings providers for employees?

  • The learning modules are designed based on your company needs
  • You will not stick with textbook
  • There are many interactive and fun activities, such as simulation, games, role plays, and case study
  • We come to your office or place that you pick
  • Many prominent companies in Indonesia that have trusted English Today as their trusted learning partners

How if you want to join English Course for Employees in Bali, but you feel confused with the business English focus that you want to take? Please contact us, you can consult with us or ask questions. We are ready to help you to meet your business English needs.

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