Are you looking for English training for companies Bali?
when you see job vacancies, you often find “Fluent in English both spoken and written” as one of the requirements you have to fulfil. In this globalization era, you don’t only work with locals but also with foreign parties. That thins that causes business English is really needed by every company. Therefore, English Today presents business English for companies Bali.

Does your company learn business English?
Business English enables you to an English conversation in business context. If you don’t master English, you will be left behind. Your competitors have cooperated with foreigner government or companies, while you just cooperate with local parties because you cannot speak English fluently. You surely don’t want that to happen.

English Today cares for your needs. English training for companies in Bali has English programs with various focuses. If you need conversation skills in English, we have Business English Conversation program. If you need negotiation skills, we have English for Negotiation & Negotiation Skills program. If you need skills on finance and banking, we have English for Banking & Finance program, and many more of our programs.

Do you want to join English Today course but you are afraid if the training that we give will be boring?

Don’t worry, our trainers will give the lessons through interactive activities, such as games, case study, simulation, role plays. You will not learn the theories that you will never use in your working environment.


If you want to join  English training for Companies Bali with English Today, please contact us. You also can consult with us to find the best program for your career or company. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are ready to help you.

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