Tips in Learning English Vocabulary


In general, when we talk about learning English, people will directly think about the grammar or structure. It is common for people to think that if we do not have good grammar or structure, then our English will not be that good. However, we have to understand that English is not only about grammar or structure but also about vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, writing and much more. We have to change the way we think about learning English so we can improve our English skills. This time, we will discuss more on learning English vocabulary. Why vocabulary? It is because vocabulary is an essential aspect in learning English. If we realise that we face difficulties in speaking English because we do not know the word we want to say. We then choose to be quiet. 

Since learning vocabulary in English is essential, we will discuss more on the tips to learn vocabulary in English effectively. We might think that the only way to learn vocabulary in English is by memorising it. Yes, this can be effective but the problem is that if we memorise the vocabulary, one day we will forget it. If we do not use the vocabulary regularly we will forget the vocabulary easily. The following will discuss more on the tips in learning English vocabulary:


One word per day

To learn vocabulary means we need to be committed. The simplest thing is to find one new word per day and make it the word of the day. However we do not only find a new word and that is all. We need to understand the meaning and how to use it. We can get the new word from something we listen to, watch or even read. There are many sources where we can find just one new word. If we can consistently find one new word per day, we can get 365 English words every year. Can you see that, just by only learning one word per day?


Reading for fun

For some people, nowadays, reading does not seem to be something interesting or fun. However, reading gives us many benefits, such as being updated, strengthening our brain functions, enhancing critical thinking, and much more. When we read, we find new words which will be beneficial to our English learning process. Reading is not always about long texts and articles, even comics and magazines can be a good start for us to try reading. We just need to get ourselves used to reading first, after that we can try to make it our way to learn more new words in English. We can challenge ourselves to read from the simple reading materials until the complex ones. By doing so, our English vocabulary will gradually increase.


Listening or watching

Doing something relaxing or fun helps us learn better. If we like to watch some films, movies or even TV series, we have a bigger chance to learn vocabulary. By watching, we will think more about what the people say and why some words are used and others not. We can display the English subtitles and we can try to follow what the people say through the subtitles. Taking notes of some new words to be looked up later in the dictionary would also be helpful in the learning process. On the other hand, if we feel more comfortable or fun to listen to podcasts or audios, we can find the interesting ones to listen to. We can be more focused when we listen to only audio because we can write down the content of what we listen to. Then, we can find the new words to be learnt.


Using applications

In this very modern era, having gadgets and an internet connection make you feel like you have the key to access all of the things you want to know. The developer of applications and gadgets is also improving. They analyse what the market demands are. By doing so, they are able to provide us with some useful applications to make our life easier. If we check the App Store or Play Store by typing the word “vocabulary”, there will be a bunch of applications appearing. We can choose from the free ones to the paid ones. They give us so many options to choose what is suitable for ourselves. Next, we only need to download the application. To make sure that the application is good, we can read the reviews and see the previews. After that, we will have an application that could be helpful in our english learning. By having an application, we can have more chances to learn the vocabulary. We can try out some exercises that help us to understand the vocabulary better.

By knowing the tips in learning vocabulary, we should be more encouraged to learn about it. It will not be that hard if we encourage ourselves to start it first. Being consistent, finding one new word per day, reading regularly, listening or watching what we like and downloading applications are all the things that we can try if we want to learn English vocabulary. The more words we learn, the more confident we will be. We will not worry about not having enough words to speak or not knowing what to say.

To sum up, learning English vocabulary could be easy if we know how to do it. The key of success to it is that we have to start first. We have to be encouraged to learn more so we can improve our English skills further. We could be someone who has good self-confidence because we have a good mastery of English vocabulary. Another additional point of knowing many English words is that we could be more knowledgeable. by going through the leaning process itself. As a bonus, our overall English skills will also improve.