Practice your speaking skills while making friends with English. All lessons are based on Cambridge CEFR standard learning materials and delivered by local and foreign teachers.


  • Provide examples of fluent speaking

  • Techniques to avoid hesitation, say varied language, and stay on topic

  • Play “just a minute”

  • Direct other participants blindfolded

  • Keep your eyes open

  • Navigate through a set of traps


  • Attention to detail

  • Interview techniques

  • Working under pressure

  • Plan a vacation

  • Build a tour plan for the vacation

  • Using AR / VR, guide tourists around the location


  • Attention to detail

  • Interview techniques

  • Working under pressure

  • Plan a vacation

  • Build a tour plan for the vacation

  • Using AR / VR, guide tourists around the location


  • Stereotypes of Indonesians vs other nationalities

  • Pros and cons of Indonesian workforce vs others

  • The future of Indonesia

  • Cooperate and design a strong tower

  • Use newspaper without tools, e.g. scissors or tape

  • Survive the earthquake test


  • Rumours and whispers

  • Running dictation

  • Evaluation

  • Is age just anumber?

  • Milennial’s character: fact orstereotype?

  • Best practice to bridge generationgap


  • Without (something)

  • If you could change the past

  • Present your new world

  • Changes in Indonesia, your company, your life

  • Past regrets

  • What’s next?


  • Election game

  • Guess the crazylaws

  • In groups, make new laws forIndonesia

  • Movie genre quiz

  • Intonation exclamation

  • Guess the genre


  • Observation video

  • Spot the difference/setting description

  • True message of the video

  • The Perfect Formula

  • Building PowerfulNarrative

  • Conversational is best!


  • The perfect candidate

  • The hardest intereview questions to answer?

  • 60 seconds to sell yourself


Most of employees expect to develop their career and obviously increasing salary. However, it’s not easy to obtain those things. It requires hard work, perseverance also it has to be supported by excellent skill especially throughout business environment. In addition to that, it is inevitable in this digital and globalization era, many companies in Indonesia make English as one of the requirement to elevate their employee to higher position in the office.

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Based on our commitment, we always conduct English training with the ultimate English learning method that emphasizes on practice and real-life communication demands. Instead of writing down the materials on your notes and doing individual written tasks, we will make you learn English through a bunch of group discussions, presentations, role plays, simulations and fun games. In addition, this method is applied in all of our English training programs. Can you imagine how exciting it would be to participate our English classes?


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