Are you looking for exceptional English proofreading and translation services that you can count on?

Language barriers can result in miscommunication between English speakers and those with limited English proficiency. Professionally trainer interpreters guarantee accurate communication,

English Today’s translators can understand both the culture and language when translating from English or Indonesian documents. This ensures that we translate your materials clearly and accurately into the target language.

Whether you need us to proofread an important document for work, your final thesis at University, or a legal document, our team of highly trained, efficient, and effective translators can help you proofread your English documents. Contact us for the most professional and accurate English proofreading and translation services in Jakarta.

Double Check System

English Today uses experienced Indonesian and native English translators. In addition, we use a double-check system where one person translates your document into English, and another person checks and proofreads this English translation. For this reason, our translations are done accurately, with no errors or misunderstandings. Our document translation services are flexible, fast, and secure:


we translate a wide range of documents into different file types.


we promise you a quick turnaround/completion time within reasonable limits.


we offer to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with our clients should the document to be translated be of a sensitive or confidential nature.

  • Job type – translation, copy-editing, or proofreading

  • Document type – report, brochure, essay, etc.

  • Subject field – Finance, Marketing, Education, etc.

  • Word count – the total number of words to be translated, copy-edited, or proofread

  • Start date – when you can send us the document so we can begin working

  • Completion date – when you need the job finished by

English Today’s Interpreting Service

English Today offers a full range of interpreting services. Our interpreters are available to work in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali and other Indonesian cities. We offer interpreting services in various contexts, including meetings, seminars, and conferences. We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services.

Language barriers can cause miscommunication between English speakers and those with limited English proficiency. Professionally trained interpreters guarantee accurate communication as they translate orally in real-time.

Our Interpreters possess excellent public speaking skills and the capacity to transform idioms, colloquialisms, and other references into clear and concise statements your target audience will understand.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is when the interpreter speaks into the language of the audience at almost the same time as the speaker. Sound proof booths are used during simultaneous interpreting sessions with a large audience.

Consecutive Interpreting

For smaller events we can use consecutive interpreting, the main speaker takes small pauses to allow the interpreter to interpret what has been said.

Remote Interpreting

Video remote interpreting (VRI) uses online communication system such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Remote interpreting is flexible and allows people located in different to communicate as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Our Head Interpreter

  • BA – Sociology (Society, Life, and Learning), Macquarie University, Sydney Australia


  • Cert. TEFL, English International, San Francisco USA

  • HSC, St Scholasticas College, Sydney Australia

Learning and development has always fascinated me, which was why initially I pursued acareer in language teaching. For nearly 2 decades, I have pursued my passion in the research and the development of effective learning programs and material design, publishing over 15 teaching books as well as the development of learning software and testing programs. My experience in the education industry, has led me to work within a wide variety of different industries which required not only language training but integrated business training programs. Through this, my career broadened into business communication and development training, public speaking and communication consulting, and strategic business management.

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