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Learn English Online with English today Teachers Do you need to trave abroad further your study or improve your career? Whatever your purpose, English Today Online guarantees you will get better results in less time and enjoy your English Learning Journey

Private and Small Group Classes

Improve your English quickly with our qualifed teacher and study and make friends with other students  from around Indonesia

Indepedent Study with English Today award winning online learning platform.

ET Online learning platform is on integrated skills course mapped to the cambridge common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)


Private and Small Group

Online Class

Private and Small Group Classes

Improve your English quickly with English Today’s (ET) qualifed teacher. Study and make friends with other learners from around Indonesia

Certified Results

Get an English Today (ET) Certificate each time you complete a level.

English Todays Award winning Online Learning Platform

ET Online Learning platform is an integrated skills course based on cambridge common European Framework of Reference (CETR)
• Listening •Speaking •Reading •Writings

English Today Online Learning Platform

Improve your General English and Business English anywhere at anytime. Our online application is available on PC , Tablets and mobile phones (iOS and Android)

This is the perfect study course for elementary to advanced learners ( TOEIC 225-990). It provides clear improvement to any learner’s English level while also significantly assisting in raising international test scores.

Key Features

  • Personalised Learning Path
  • Downloadable Lessons for offline study
  • Full reporting and mentoring system

The ET online learning platform provides over 350 one-hour lessons designed around the following skills: grammar, listening , reading and vocabulary. Learners will receive detailed explanations to all questions and immediate feedback on performance.

Programs Include:

  • Practical English
  • Vocabulary Builder
  • Need to Read
  • Business Speaking
  • Business Writing