Andre is an English teacher who has lots of experience teaching English courses for young learner, teenage and adult students, from Beginner to Intermediate levels. Besides teaching General English, Andri also teaches English for Specific Purposes. He has taught several classes of nursing and midwifery students, government employees, tour guides and drivers as well as hotel & restaurant staff.

As Andri holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a postgraduate Diploma in Computer Informatics, he has also taught English for computers or ICT at some computer colleges in Denpasar. He has a very strong interest in digital technologies and digital learning. He’s been very familiar with the online learning and he has been involved in conducting ICT workshops and short training courses on teaching and learning language through the use of computers.

Education Overview

BA in English Literature

Diploma in Computer Informatics

Key Skills

General English

English for Specific Purposes

Online teaching and learning

ICT Workshops

Insights – with Andri

What kind of teaching technique do you think the most effective way to motivate students’ skill in speaking?

Having students do some pair-work, group discussion or mingling activity is the most effective way to encourage them to speak and improve their speaking skills. By doing all those activities, they can learn to ask and answer questions as well as share their opinions and ideas to one another. What we as teachers need to consider is that the topics we choose should be suitable with their level, not to easy or not too difficult. We also need to provide more opportunities for our students to speak and practice what they have learnt in every lesson.

What are the obstacles that you often face while you are teaching English?

Teaching big classes comprising students with different levels of knowledge and abilities can be very challenging for teachers. However, it’s an opportunity that every teacher should welcome to be more skillful and innovative in teaching in order to guide and help students succeed in their learning no matter what their starting levels are.

What do you like about your students?

I’m grateful and proud to be a teacher because I can always meet many students from different backgrounds with different characteristics. Each of them has different knowledge and viewpoints as well. While teaching them, I can always share my experiences with them and also learn from them. Seeing them active, motivated and engaged in every lesson is my happiness and satisfaction in teaching.

What do you do to stimulate students’ creativity while they’re having an English class?

Everyone loves and enjoys playing games. Applying or playing some language games in an English lesson can make the students happy and have fun in learning. The happiness and excitement in learning will definitely stimulate them to be creative and active while they’re having an English class.

As students these days have been familiar with gadgets and computers, I sometimes assign them to create English videos on certain topics or tasks where they can apply what they’ve learned in class. After making the videos, they can share and watch them for further discussions and learning. I have also applied flipped teaching where the students become more independent and active in exploring the topics and materials with the use of gadgets and internet to support their English learning and practice.