In business world, you need skills to give a presentation. However, you must be hindered by speaking English obstacle. You feel nervous before speaking and you even feel your heart beats fast, your hands are sweating and your legs start to tremble. Don’t worry because English Today helps to improve your communication skills and confidence by knowing the important elements that are used by presenter. You will be taught to decide theme, organize talking outlines and refer to visual aids. Moreover, English Today will focus on your presentation delivery. Let’s study English by joining business English Bali.

As a presenter, skills to measure speech speed and duration and also to use your voice to show yourself are the most important skills to ”sell” your message. Your presentation will be more effective if you can control and manage your voice by using word stress, pauses, intonations and clear volume.

English Today English Presentation Skills program to help you to learn:

  • Presentation structures
  • Technique
  • Language focus
  • Self introduction and the topic delivered
  • Message delivery
  • Personal and impersonal styles
  • Explain diagram and graphics
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Visual aids
  • Individual presentation practice

A realiable speaker always can deliver the message to the audiences. Are you still worried with your English skills? You are not alone. English Today is ready to help you.

We have cooperated with well-know companies in Indonesia, such as Pertamina, Garuda Indonesia, Djarum, Harris Hotel, Ismaya Group, Permata Bank, Hankook, Elevenia, and many more.

If you have any question about Business English Courses Bali, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also consult with us to get a suitable program that matches your needs and you employees’ needs. We will give a special time for you.

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