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ins ales and marketing world, deliver a persuasive message is not a new thing. You have to attract consumers to buy the product or the service that you offer. However, do you pay attention to your message delivery whether it is effective or not? Your way of talking determines your consumers’ responses, whether your consumers give contributions toward your sales development or not. English Today presents business English training Bali for you and your employees.

You need to cooperate with your consumers in delivering persuasive message rather than using threats and intimidations to get compliance. English Today’s English course is willing to help you in improving communication skills in sales and marketing world.

Through the English for Sales and Marketing Professionals program, English Today focuses on English role in sales and marketing process. We follow the selling process stages to assure your sales and marketing success.

Do you want to improve your English skills in sales? English Today has Sales Skills program. This program will give you understanding about sales stages and strategies and also sales psychology.

Through thus program, you will learn:

  • Making a deal
  • Giving a convincing presentation
  • Responding to customers’ needs
  • Reading body language of the consumers and sing effective body language to confirm the message

English Today has given English training to many employees,  managers and companies’ executives in various prominent companies in Indonesia, such as Traveloka, XL, HERO, Harris Hotel, AirAsia, Nestle, Ismaya Group, Pertamina, Djarum, MacDow, and many more.

If you have any question about business English training Bali, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you.

You can also consult with us if you still feel confused or uncertain to decide the best English program for you and your company. We give time only for you.

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