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it is really nervous when someone is asked to speak in English. You want to say that you don’t understand what your interlocutor says but you are afraid to be seen as fool. You are embarrassed to admit your low English ability. How if you are asked to speak by international business partners using English? If you cannot communicate well and fluently, surely, your business development will be stuck. But now, you don’t need to worry, English Today asks yu to study English conversation through English training for companies Bali.

You will be able to speak in English, ranging from general things to business context talks. Imagine that you can speak English fluently with you business partner candidate. It’s a benefit, isn’t it?

Business English Conversation program is designed for those who want to improve English communication skills, but have tight working hours. You can turn your weaknesses into your strength and speak English fluently.

What are the feedbacks from the participants after accomplishing the English conversation program?

Here are some feedbacks from our participants that have learnt English conversation with English Today.

“I can save time and also energy.”

“Serious but relaxing. I can study seriously but with relaxing learning situation.”

“In the learning, I make mistakes and my teacher gives feedbacks directly. This is the plus point from me for English Today because our mistakes are fixed straight away. So, we can learn English faster.”

“I am usually lazy to study, but English Today’s teacher encourages me to learn English conversation every day. When I make a mistake, he fixes my mistake; either the pronunciation, word stress or sentence intonation.”

There are many advantages that you get when you join English conversation program.

Don’t be doubtful to study English conversation with English Today. We have trained many employees in Indonesian’s big companies, such as, Harris Hotel, Telkomsel, Senayan City, Summarecon, Pertamina, Djarum, and many more.

Of you have any question about English trainings for companies Bali, please contact us. We are ready to help you.

Find 7 things that you need to avoid when speaking English

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