28 04, 2021

English in Culinary Terms

Culinary terms are more than just a chef’s expression. The words that are thrown in the kitchen hold a vital purpose, and that’s to make everything fall into its place quickly and make sure that the workers stay safe at the same time. It is used by all workers in the culinary sector

6 12, 2017

Learning English in Bali

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Do you want to study English in Bali?

There are still many employees, managers or even company executives who are not that good in speaking English. They only know the basics.

21 11, 2017

Business English course in Bali

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studying English requires expensive cost? Many English institutions put high fee to study English especially if the have native teachers. It is regrettable if you cannot study in English courses. While you have big interest to study. You don’t need to

28 10, 2017

English Course in Bali

Are you looking for English course in Bali?  Do you want to study English but you are embarrassed when your mistake is corrected in front of your friends? Every person has unique personality and this thing that makes every person requires different approach to learn English. English Today gives learning options that are comfortable for

17 07, 2017

Business English Course Bali

In business world, you need skills to give a presentation. However, you must be hindered by speaking English obstacle. You feel nervous before speaking and you even feel your heart beats fast, your hands are sweating and your legs start to tremble. Don’t worry because English Today helps to improve your communication skills and confidence

13 07, 2017

Business English Course Bali

When you were at school, you felt that you have to study to get good scores or you thought that studying becomes your obligation as a student. When you come into the business world, maybe you think that you don’t need to study anymore. Yes, there are no parents or teachers who will scold at

7 05, 2017

Business English Course Bali

Most of the students are haunted by the complexity of English grammar and structure and this thing makes them feeling lazy and hopeless. Grammar is important to makes sentences well structured. However, don’t focus on the grammar that much. Too focusing on structures an rules in English until it is forgotten that practicing is also

21 04, 2017

English Training Bali

Have you been studying English for a long time but you are still not fluent and confident to speak English? Most of Indonesians have got English lesson since they are in primary school until senior high school; that means you have been learning English for 6 to 12 years, moreover, if you have ever joined

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